What You Need to Know About SMS Marketing

SMS is still a very strong and reliable way to reach customers, especially here in the Philippines.

You're probably wondering what SMS marketing is, and why you should care about it. After all, mobile phones and data seem to be a thing of the past as more people buy tablets and laptops instead. Well, there's actually a lot of benefits when it comes to SMS campaigns, and even small businesses in the Philippines can get in on this action!

But first things first. In this article, we're going to go over the basics of SMS marketing and what you need to know about running an effective campaign for your small business.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a marketing strategy that, at the very basic level, relies on sending a text message to campaign recipients. It's similar in concept to email marketing, but it has several key differences which we'll discuss shortly.

You might be tempted to think of SMS as ancient technology, but that's far from the truth. SMS is still a very strong and reliable way to reach customers, especially here in the Philippines. While many people have mobile phones (many Filipinos own more than one mobile phone), not everyone will have data.


SMS marketing has been seen negatively due to massive commercial text blasts that were popular in the past. But there are plenty of ways to use this marketing technique without making the mistake of flooding people's inboxes with messages.

SMS campaigns can definitely be a great way for small businesses in the Philippines to promote their products, services and events by sending offers or discounts to customers who opt-in via text message.

If you're still skeptical, check out these reasons why you should give SMS marketing another chance:

Top Reasons Why SMS Marketing Works

Reason #1: SMS has higher open rates than other channels.

Is it surprising to find out that SMS recipients open their messages more often than any other marketing channel? Email is a very popular marketing channel, but it only has a 15-20% open rate.

Text messages, on the other hand? They are opened anywhere from 82% to 98%. That's an astounding number for marketers.

If you think about it, it won't be such a shock. After all, text messages are shorter and more straightforward. They're easy to skim and take action on if needed.

People don't hand out their mobile numbers so easily these days, which means that it's often a more intimate medium.

Of course, this means that if you send an unwanted text message to someone, they're more likely to feel strongly against it.

Reason #2: Text messages are faster.

If you're planning a text message to send to your subscriber list, it's often a much faster process. There are no designs to sign off on. There's no artist you need to hire. You don't need fancy photography. You just have to worry about the words and message length, and you're done.

But when it comes to results, SMS is just as fast. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving it. That's a crazy number! Think about it. Potentially 90% of your recipients would have seen your promotion and taken action on it within the first 3 minutes of sending your message.

This fast response can help you pivot quickly if you need to.

Reason #3: Build more loyalty and personal connections.

Text messaging is perfectly designed for two-way interactions. Think about it. If you're dealing with a customer order and need a quick confirmation, do you send off an email to them with your question? Or do you pick up your phone and send them a message?

Appointments, reservations, order confirmations -- they're all great uses for text messaging. And people generally appreciate getting these messages, which only serves to increase their good will towards message senders.

How to Run an Effective SMS Campaign

SMS is effective. But it's important to get it right! Reason #1 explained that people view SMS more intimately than other marketing channels, so you don't want to break that trust.

So how do you maintain that trust while running a successful campaign?

The dos and don'ts when managing an effective SMS marketing strategy are:

  • Don't send unsolicited messages to people who haven't given their consent. This is the number one rule of text message campaigns. No spamming!
  • Send only short, concise messages. Don't beat around the bush, or they'll grow tired of reading!
  • Be clear about what you expect them to do after reading your SMS. Your call to action should be unambiguous and easy to accomplish to maximize the chances of them moving forward.
  • Always give them a chance to opt out of marketing messages. Not only is this being polite, it's also required by law!
  • Think carefully about promotions you run through SMS marketing. Not all promotions are appropriate for text-based messaging! It's best to run something specifically catered for your SMS subscribers.
  • If you're asking them to reply or send something back in order to avail of your promotion, make sure that they receive a confirmation, too! This is your chance to connect more closely with your customers--don't ignore them!
  • Personalization can be even more attractive when it comes to SMS messages. Because of the intimate nature of the medium, a personalized message won't feel as spammy or commercial as ones that are obvious text blasts. Your customers will love feeling like a VIP!

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing might not be top of mind when it comes to running campaigns that sell. That's a shame, because of the convenience it offers both you and your customers, and all it costs is just one text message sent to your customer.

If you're looking for a great way to try out SMS marketing for your small business, give TextBuddy a try. No more manually sending messages on your phone, or getting confused on how to track your subscribers. With TextBuddy, you can run campaigns, create personalized messages, and engage with your customers easily.

Contact us to get a quote and let us help you make the most of this untapped marketing channel.

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